Our Projects

Since our inception,

Consultaire has been totally
focused on building value for its customers 


Sheridan Methuen 

Sheridan is the founder & managing partner with a built from grass roots healthcare as;

an Orthopaedic Department Practitioner (ODP) healthcare manager & innovative leader.


With a change of location Sherrie accepted an assignment with one of the top 3 global Medical Devices manufacturers spending time in Europe & the US latterly as a member of the UK Board.


Sherries most recent work has been with a UK / India Government investment to design, construct and deliver 11 medical-cities.   This has involved financial due diligence responses, architectural specification, program management, commercial strategy development, investor & key stakeholder management, workforce planning, training & education strategy development & clinical service design.


Our first project was in 2010, when as a newly formed consulting partnership, we accepted an assignment with Airbus UK    The assignment took us from Bristol to Toulouse (France) working on Business Development, Sales & Marketing and Portfolio rationalisation projects. 

2011 our senior team retuned to healthcare where between them they had over 40 years of combined healthcare intelligence and knowledge. We designed, launched and directed  a service transformation program with one of the top 3 medical device companies.


2012 we  expanded private patient services in an NHS hospital.


2013 we established and managed private urology, medico legal consultancy expanding a Harley Street Clinic into the Southwest and leading an investment in a newly formed private hospital.


2014 we led the design and launch a new pathology service in the UK engaging finance, pathology, logistics & change management.  In parallel we advised a US medical device manufacture on the development and approval of a novel, innovative  skin therapy device.

2016 led us to an exciting green field project supporting the design, construction & delivery of 11 medicities across India. This work still occupies some of our team with projects ranging from due diligence enquiries to architect liaison, program management to commercial strategy development, key stakeholder management to workforce planning, training & education to strategy development and clinical service design. 

2018 has given us diverse opportunities in the culture & leisure sector, using our experience, rigour & innovative thinking to the not for profit leisure services sector in a local authority. 


Jamie Methuen

Jamie has had a varied career in aerospace, defence, medical devices and healthcare.    He's been responsible for the consultancy arm of Airbus, has led the commercial strategy & program for a pathology regional laboratory and has worked with private medical practice owners to grow their income streams.

Jamie continues to hold senior positions within the UK healthcare economy and a commission in the Royal Air Force.